Nea Moni - Avgonima - Anavatos - Lithi

In the center of the island, 12 km from the town of Chios, there is Nea Moni, a world famous medieval monument of cultural heritage, is protected by UNESCO (1990) and is considered as the most important attraction. Nea Moni stands out for its magnificent mosaic art, made by artists of Istanbul. Together with the St. Luke Monastery in Viotia and the Monastery of Daphni, the mosaics of Nea Moni are considered as the leading medieval samples of this art in Greece.

After the monastery of Nea Moni and just 16 km from the town of Chios, on top of a rocky hill is the picturesque village of Avgonima. Avgonima is a medieval village with houses built one next to the other and with a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea. At Avgonima there are some restaurants with delicious appetizers.

In 5 km from Avgonyma and throught a wonderful path between olive and pine trees, perched on a rock at the edge of the cliff you will find the castle village of Anavatos, in 21 km away from the city. It is a place of unique beauty, full of history, art and legends. Anavatos is also called the "Mystras" of the Chios Island and it stands proudly in the heart of the place reminding one undead state.

The route to the famous Anavatos can be combined with a visit to the magnificent Bay of Elinta which has turquoise waters. The Elida beach is among the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of Chios.

Then you can head to the village of Lithi located at a distance of 23.5 km from the city of Chios. Lithi is known for its sandy beach with shallow waters, and fresh fish can be found in the fish restaurants located along the beach


You can stay in Avgonima till late afternoon and enjoy the most magnificent sunset in Chios.