Chios Beaches

Here is a complete list of the best Chios beaches. Rent a car form Travelshop and explore our island to visit them all. Each one has a unique beauty.


  1. Mavra Volia beach

Just five kilometers from the traditional village Pyrgi with its unique black and white scratched patterns on its buildings, unfolds one of the most magical and special landscapes of the island and Greece. The beach of Mavra Volia. Black Gialos, as the locals like to call it, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world thanks to its black pebbles, from the inactive volcano Psaronas.

Mavra Volia beach gives to the visitor a unique eerie feel with its icy, crystal clear waters. It has that beautiful deep seabed which gets a unique dark color thanks to the pebbles. The tall, rugged cliffs with the alternation of colors complement due to the incredible volcanic wild landscape makes swimming there a lifetime experience.

Specifically there are three beaches on the row. The first is named Mavra Volia or black glass and the other 2 are named Foki beach. At the end of the first beach there is a canteen offering sandwiches, soft-ice cream and coffee. Then you will find a path that leads to the second and third Foki beach. In the port of Emporios you will find several traditional taverns. And there you will also find our hotel: Emporios Bay!

  1. Vroulidia beach

At 9 km from Pyrgi and just before Emporios village is the road that leads to the beautiful beach of Vroulidia. It is a small secluded beach with thick sand flanked by steep white cliffs. The turquoise waters along with the natural landscape create an exotic and absolutely dreamlike spectacle. On the way to the beach, do not forget to make a stop to admire the Tower of Dotia. There you will se a fine example of defensive architecture of Chios, built by the Genoese in the early 15th century.

  1. Komi beach

Near to Emporios, Komi beach is the third on our Chios Beaches list,ocated in the southern part of the island. It is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan beaches of the island. It s famous for the golden sand and blue waters and is ideal for games and summer sports. There you can find umbrellas, sunbeds and showers. Also there are tradional tavernas, restaurants and coffee bars.

  1. Viri beach

Viri is located next to the beach Lilikas and near the Komi Beach. It is a pebble beach with crystal clear waters. It is organized and has umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, and a few water sports. Also on the beach there is a Beach Bar.

  1. Kato Fana beach

Kato Fana is a magnificent beach probably the most beautiful beach of the island. It is ideal for fishing and swimming. It is located in the southwestern part of the island, 6 km from the village Pyrgi (on the road to Olympoi village). The area has also archaeological interest as there are ruins of the temple of Fanaios Apollo and a Christian church.

  1. Karinta beach

Karinta beach is located in the southern part of the island, 6 km south of the village Pyrgi (on the road to Olympoi). This is a deserted beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters. There is a small tavern.

  1. Agia Dunami beach

Agia Dunami beach lies in southern Chios, near the village of Olympoi. It is known as the most beautiful hidden beach of the island, which enchants visitors with its unique landscape of white sands and turquoise waters. It's a must visit beach form our list of Chios Beaches. It is a total relaxation and tranquility setting. The beach takes its name from the chapel located above it which is ideal for a picnic with summer background. It is advisable to bring along water and something to eat as there is no restaurant or cafeteria in the area.

  1. Salagona beach

Salagona beach is located in the southwestern part of the island, 36 km from the town of Chios and 6 kilometers from Pyrgi village (on the road to Olympoi). It is a beautiful deserted beach with sand and pebbles. It has magnificent seabed and the waters are clean and crystal. During the tourist season near the beachside there is a refreshment bar.

  1. Apothika beach

Apothika beach is located in the southwestern part of the island, 4.5 km from the village Mesta. The Apothika bay is a no wind shelter with extremely clean and clear waters. Apothika is one of the most alternative beaches and consists of pebbles and sand but it is not organized and you will find there a few umbrellas and sunbeds. You can also rent canoes and visit the two caves in the area or do snorkeling and diving. High on the rocks there is a beach bar and a diving center, with wonderful views to the southwest, which lowers coffees and refreshments in a funicular at the beach below.

  1. Avlonia beach

Avlonia beach is located in the southern part of the island, 5 km from Mesta village. This is a beautiful and secluded beach with small pebbles. It is ideal for families. There is a canteen with snacks, coffee and soft drinks.


  1. Elinta beach

Elinta beach, located in the western part of the island, is near the village of Avgonima only 25 km from the town of Chios. Its name comes from the Greek word "Alios" meaning by the sea. This is one of the most beautiful beaches. The large enclosed bay hides a quiet and sheltered haven and a landscape of great beauty (which during the Second World War was the hideout of the legendary greek submarine "Papanikolis") with fine white pebbles and sand, tall pine trees that are spreded all the way down a the sea and dreamy turquoise waters. The hidden beauty of our Chios Beaches list.

  1. Tigani beach

Tigani beach is located in northwestern Chios shortly after the village of Sidirounta. It is a secluded pebble beach with crystal blue waters, seabed and impressive tall pines and at the background there is the impressive and recently restored vigla (small guard post) of Pachi that stands on the hill next to the road leading to the beach. Those who want want more isolation have only to walk a few meters to find the secluded Long Sand, a sand beach with gorgeous turquoise waters.

  1. Lefkathia beach

Lefkathia beach is a quiet, idyllic beach, the most famous of northwestern Chios. It is located near Volissos between Limnos and Limnia. It is an organized beach with sand, ideal for sunbathing and sea games. Its main feature is its deep, cold, and clear waters.

  1. Magemena beach

A little further south and near Lefkathia beach will find Magemena beach which is a huge magical beach near Limnia. Magemena beach is located between the beaches of Managros and Limnos. It is an organized beach with thick sand and deep, clear and cool waters. Definetely, Magemena, is one of our Chios Beaches that will stole your heart for ever.

  1. Agia Markella beach

This beach is once a place of martyrdom of the protector of the island, a tourist attraction - and not only on a pilgrimage to the chapel of Agia Markella. The large impressive beach that unfolds in front of the monastery offers visitors black sand, cool water, deep seabed and spectacular views of the historic island of Psara. If you feel like explorers, walk towards the northernmost point of the beach from where starts a narrow path between the sea and steep high cliffs leading to the holy water, the point where Saint Markella martyred.


  1. Mersinidi beach

Mesrinidi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and within walking distance of the city, only eight kilometers northeast where is the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa. Mersinidi beach actually consists of two beaches, one north of the church and another south of the church. They consist of sand and pebbles. Both have clear water but this south of the church is more quiet and secluded. You can park your car on the road and from there you will find different downhill trails for both beaches. Its the nearest beach in the City of Chios, from our Chios Beaches list.

  1. Nagos beach

Nagos beach is located just 5 km from Kardamyla, the village of seafarers and shipowners and 30 km from the center of Chios. Trees, colorful pebbles, blue water and a beautiful seabed create dreamy scenery generously given from Nagos beach to its guests. On the beach you will find taverns that will offer you rich delicacies and fresh fish. There are shops with various traditional products and souvenirs. We can climb the stone steps to the edge of the beach that lead to the picturesque chapel of Holy Mother to enjoy the wonderful view. Before leaving Nagos do not forget to visit the fresh water spring and taste the cold mountain water.

  1. Giosonas beach

Giosonas beach is located after the enchanting Nagos beach. The name of the beach (Giosonas) comes from the famous Jason and the myth wants the legendary hero to have passed by this beach with the Argonauts on their way to their quest for the Golden Fleece. Smooth pebbles and turquoise waters, wild beauty overlooking the gorge and relaxation are just some of the things offered by this picturesque beach. The bays that unfold along are ideal for the isolation lovers to stretch out a towel , while those who have worldly moods can enjoy swimming with a refreshing cocktail in hand from the beautiful beach bar that awaits them in the center of the beach .

Eighteen Chios Beaches are waiting for you to enjoy them!