Explore & Discover Chios Routes

We propose some of the best routes to explore and discover Chios. All of them will give you back unique feelings and unforgettable memories.

Chios – Mastic Museum – Emporios – Komi

First one, from the routes we propose you to follow, is the Mastic Route. Here, you will get a chance to realise the unique history of mastic trees cultivation. For this reason you can make a visit to Mastic Museum. It is located 25km away from the city of Chios and less than 5 km away from Emporios and Komi.

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Volissos – Palaia Potamia – Agio Gala

The best routes of Chios list, has to include a trip to Volissos. It is located 40 km away from the city, in the northwestern part of the island. At the top of the hill of Volissos you will find a Byzantine Castle built in the medieval times.

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Medieval villages – Mastic Villages

There are 9 villages in the southern Chios that they are built like castles. Their main purpose was to house the families of those who cultivated the mastic trees and also protect the residents and the production of mastic from pirates. Each village has a unique atmosphere.

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Nea Moni – Avgonima – Anavatos – Lithi

Nea Moni is a world famous medieval monument of cultural heritage. It is protected by UNESCO (1990) and is considered as the most important religious sight of Chios.

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